Experience Ontario 2016-17: Student Information Sheet

Are you graduating by June 2016, are interested in attending postsecondary education or apprenticeship training, but…

Experience Ontario may be for you!

You are invited to apply to Experience Ontario. Experience Ontario provides a combination of work experiences, career coaching and supports to apply for postsecondary education (PSE) and apprenticeship training.

The Program

There are two program start dates that you may choose from: Spring 2016 (May/June) and Fall 2016 (August/September). If you are starting in the spring, your first work placement may begin in July. If you are starting in the fall, your first placement may begin in October.

  1. Career Coach

    You will first meet with your career coach in May/June (regardless of your chosen start date) to continue exploring your education and career goals and expand on your Individual Pathways Plan. Your coach will help you to identify possible areas of interest and then work with you to find job placements. He or she will support you through the entire program.

  2. Experience Ontario Conference: Imagining Possibilities… Realizing Potential

    At the start of the program, you will attend a 3-day conference at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre near Orillia (all expenses paid) where you will participate in a variety of activities and workshops including: interview and placement preparation, budgeting and financial planning for PSE, and goal setting.

  3. Work Placements

    Your career coach will work with you to find up to three paid placements (at minimum wage) in entry-level positions, totalling up to nine months. These work placements may relate to your career interests (subject to availability) and help you develop essential work habits and skills.

  4. Postsecondary Exploration

    Your career coach will arrange a visit to a nearby postsecondary education campus or training facility, so you can explore further options at a career centre or program area. You will receive support, including having application fees to an Ontario college or university and membership fees for apprenticeship training paid for through the program.

Questions & Answers

  1. I plan on going right to work after I graduate from high school. Is this program for me?
    The Experience Ontario program is designed to help recent high school graduates who are interested in PSE or apprenticeship training. If you are interested in entering the workforce right after graduating, you can explore Employment Ontario services for youth at https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-help-finding-youth-or-student-job

  2. I want to go back to high school in the fall. Can I participate in Experience Ontario?
    Experience Ontario is for graduates who are available to fully participate in the program, including in work placements. If you want to take a course, you could consider taking a night school or elearning course through your school board. If you are enrolling in school during the day in the fall, Experience Ontario is not suitable for you.

  3. What do I need to do to help with finding work placements in sector(s) of my interest?
    You will need to engage in regular and timely communication with your career coach, and have a positive attitude and work ethic. In addition, you will need to provide ideas and actively participate in job searching for potential work placements, develop a résumé, and prepare for job interviews.

  4. Are there any additional supports to help with work placements?
    Although you are responsible for work-related transportation costs, the Experience Ontario program may have funding available to support your access to work placements (e.g., uniforms). Workshops and job readiness activities focussed on resume writing and interview preparation will also be offered through the Experience Ontario program.

  5. Who can I contact for any questions I may have about Experience Ontario?
    Your school guidance counsellor who will be your first resource for any questions you may have about the Experience Ontario program.

As a result of this program, you will develop a concrete education and career plan for your next steps.

Your school will let you know if you have been chosen to participate.

For more information, please visit our website