Types of Resumes

Many job seekers do not realize that there are different ways to format your resume. There are in fact three different styles and it is very important to identify the one that will best showcase your skills for a specific job. Below you will learn the benefits of using each style and examples will follow.

  1. Chronological - This is the typical style that most people automatically choose. There are however reasons why this might be a good choice for you. Choose this style if you have:

    • consistent work history that is related to your employment goal

    • recent employer was very prestigious and you want to showcase their name to impress

    • continuously increased your level of responsibility through the jobs you worked ie., you began as a cashier, then became cashier supervisor, then department manager

    Be careful as this is probably not the right style for you if you have gaps in employment, you change jobs frequently or if you are transitioning to a new career.

  2. Functional - Also referred to as a skills profile, this style allows you to focus more on your skill sets. It allows you to choose which skill categories you want to emphasize and showcase. Choose this style if you want to:

  3. Combination - This style incorporates characteristics of both the chronological and functional resumes. It is easily adaptable and you can format your information according to your specific situation.

(View a comparison chart of the various resume styles here)