Your Hidden Skills

If you think you are .....Then say this to an employer ...
Too compulsive: Your friends think you're nuts because everything in your locker is in alphabetical order. Too compulsive? I have strong organization skills and an ability to plan ahead. I always do a thorough job.
Too argumentative: You always tell people exactly what you think and feel - even if it's about them? Too argumentative? I'm very confident and deal with issues directly. I enjoy taking on a challenge.
Too lazy: You always start essays the night before they're due. If there's a reason not to do something you'll find it. Too lazy? I can work with short deadlines and under pressure.
Too loud: When you talk, people can't help but hear you - you love being the centre of attention. Too loud? I'm enthusiastic and outgoing. I interact easily with groups.
Too stubborn: You hate to back down and don't like to admit when you're wrong. Too stubborn? I'm persistent. I always carry a project through to the end.
Too talkative: No one can get a word in when you're in the conversation - you are the conversation! Too talkative? I'm articulate and enjoy public speaking. I'm persuasive and present my ideas well.
Too weird: You dance to a different beat and do things your own way. Too weird? I'm innovative and can always offer a fresh perspective. I enjoy taking the initiative.
Too indifferent: You never seem to have a strong opinion and just can't get excited about anything. Too indifferent? I'm adaptable and can be counted on to stay calm in stressful situations.
Too sensitive: You take everything to heart. Too sensitive? I'm a caring, perceptive person with strong people skills and a desire to please others.
Too serious: Everything is important. You never seem to relax. Too serious? I'm a careful and reliable person. I'm good at considering all the options.
Too extreme: You always overreact - every event in your life seems to be out of a soap opera. Too extreme? I'm imaginative. My creativity leads to good ideas.
Too shy: Meeting new people makes you really nervous - you end up doing most things alone. Too shy? I'm self-motivated. I work well independently and need little supervision.