General Resume Guidelines

Lead with your strongest statement Do not use abbreviations (exceptions include middle initial and directions such as N for North)
Emphasize your skillsDo not use "I" to refer to yourself
Keep it brief (1-2 pages) Avoid any mention of salary expectations or wage history
Use 8 " x 11" paperDo not print on a Dot Matrix printer
Correct all typographical, grammatical and spelling errors Do not use fancy typeset, binders or exotic paper
Include employment related accomplishmentsDo not send a photograph of yourself
Target your qualificationsAvoid statements that you cannot document
Clearly communicate your purpose and value to employersDo not change the tense of verbs or use the passive voice
Maintain eye appealing visual appearanceIt is not necessary to use the title "resume"
Use the best format to showcase your skillsDo not include references on the resume
Appear neat, well organized and professionalDo not include hobbies or social interests unless they contribute to your objective
Be creative Do not staple or fold your resume
Always include a cover letter when mailing your resume
Use quantifiable measures, values, percentages, measurable outcomes, to enhance your qualifications