Reality of Today's Workplace

  1. The High 5 Philosophy
  2. Changes in Organizational Beliefs
  3. Brief Look At Labour Market Information (LMI)
The High 5 Philosophy

The High 5! Philosophy comprises five key messages for individuals embarking on a career path and for those making a career transition. Each message is important to achieving career success.

  1. Change is constant. Recognize that the world around you is constantly changing. Stay open to that change and remain alert to new opportunities.

  2. Learning is lifelong. Strive for continuous personal improvement. Stay motivated by acquiring new skills and developing new talents.

  3. Follow your heart. Pursue your passion to find fulfillment. Discover ways to marry your interests with career opportunities.

  4. Access your allies. Rely on the support of your family, your mentors and your peers. Use your personal network to make your career success a team effort.

  5. Focus on the journey. Don't focus on one destination. Recognize that your career journey will be lifelong. Appreciate each and every experience along the way.