Job Searching Using The Internet

For most people the job search is never a fun exercise. However, with advances in technology where "instantaneous information" is no longer an ideal but the norm, the job search has gone through a revolution of change. And much of this change has made the job search a whole different game, not only for job seekers, but those looking to hire as well.

Employment is one of the fastest growing areas on the Internet in recent years. In fact, more Canadians have sought employment online than have banked online, shopped online or downloaded music. 50 percent of Canadians who have access to the Internet have usedit to look for career opportunities. Of the 50 percent of Canadians using the Internet, 80 percent have looked for employment at a job-posting site at least once, and would do so again.

In the survey, 47 percent of Canadian business executives said they used their company's web site, online recruiting firms and other Internet tools to fill employment openings in 2002.

In order to compete in today's job market, applicants need to include the Internet in their job search strategy. Job seekers will increase their chances of finding work and be much more competitive by preparing an electronic resume and using the Internet to a greater capacity in the job search.

In this section we will discuss different ways to bring your job search into the hi-tech era.Topics covered are as follows: