How To Prepare An Electronic Resume


Save as a Text Only. Either a Text Only or a Notepad document works best for posting your resume online.

Here's how to convert to Text Only:

After converting your resume to either Text Only or Notepad, what appears in your document windows is your resume stripped of any fancy formatting.You are now ready to make a few final adjustments before posting online.


Check keywords, be sure that your resume has all the keywords that define your job qualifications.


Delete references on page 2. If your resume if more that one page delete any indications of page breaks such as "Page 1 of 2", "continued" and your name or header on page 2. Technically you are making your resume appear as one continuous electronic document.


Use all CAPS for words that need special emphasis. Since Text Only or Notepad stripped your resume of all bolds, underlines and italics used for highlighting words, use all capitalized letters to draw attention to important words, phrases and headings. For the best overall effect, use all caps sparingly and judiciously.


Replace each bullet point with a standardkeyboard symbol. Special symbols such as bullet points, arrows, triangles and check marks do not transfer well electronically. For example, bullet points sometimes transfer as "&16707,"")," or a little graphic of a thumbs-up. Therefore, you must change each to a standard keyboard symbol. Suggested replacements are:

Use the Space Bar to place single space immediately after each symbol (and before the words). Do not use the Tab key for spacing as you may have done in your original resume. Also, allow the lines to wrap naturally at the end of a line - do not put a forced return (do not push the Return or Enter Key) if it's not the end of the statement and do not indent the second line of a statement with either the Tab Key or the Space Bar.


Use straight quotes in place of curly quotes. Like bullet points and other special symbols, curly (smart) quotes do not transfer accurately (in fact, they appear as little rectangles on the recipients screen).Therefore, replace curly quotes with straight quotes.


Rearrange text if necessary. Do a line-by-line review of your document to make sure there are no odd-looking line wraps, extra spaces, or words scrunched together in the body. Make adjustments accordingly. This may require inserting commas, between items that were once in columns and are not in paragraph format because tabs disappeared when the document was converted to Text Only or Notepad


Now that you've prepared your resume, it's time to post it online. It couldn't be simpler - just copy the text from your Text Only or your Notepad document and paste it into the appropriate field on the resume website.