Setting The Tone - First Impressions are Everything!!!


A friendly face is pleasant to talk to.


Be alert and quick to respond to the interviewer both at the beginning and end of the interview. It is important to offer your hand to the interviewer. A firm handshake is important. If conveys to the interviewer a feeling of confidence and seriousness about the position.Nails should be trimmed and neat.

Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. If you don't do this the interviewer may think you are lying.


Consider each interview a challenge and show that you are enthused about the position.


Consider your answers carefully before you respond to any questions. Take a moment to take a deep breath. If you are unsure of a question ask the interviewer to rephrase the question.

Be Calm

Try to be calm and poised throughout the interview. Try to sit still. Don't cross your legs and keep the free foot moving...don't play with your fingernails...keep your hands of your moustache, beard and hair...don't play with jewellery...don't tap your fingers on the arm of the chair...sit up straight...don't slouch...avoid aggravating habits such as "you know", UGH", or "eh".


Treat everyone you meet as the potential interviewer. Many times the receptionist reports to the interviewer your overall appearance, tone and attitude.