Steps Leading To The Interview

  1. Get directions to the interview so you know exactly how to get there. It is a good idea to drive to the location the day before the interview. This takes the pressure off of you on the day of the interview. (One less thing to worry about.)

  2. Make sure you get at least three copies of your resume to take with you to the interview. As well, prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview. You should keep your resume and questions in a neat file folder to take with you. (Remember this portrays the image of being neat and organized.) You can also take with you any letters of recommendation and your reference sheet in case the interviewer asks for some references.

  3. Dress code is very important. It is important to find out what employees generally wear to work. Then dress one step above it. This is essential as the employer is going to be trying to picture you in the actual job. The easier you make it for him/her, the better for you. Dark colours are best to wear as it portrays a strong personality and are conservative. Keep shirts buttoned up and cover any tatoos. Skirts should not come above the knee. Hats are not acceptable. You should take your coats off in the waiting room.

  4. Keep your hair under control. Be sure to have your hair neatly trimmed and conservatively styled. If your hair is long, it is often best to pull it back or wear it up. This is especially important if you are applying for a position where safety or hygiene could be an issue. If the interviewer can see that you will wear your hair back then he/she is going to be less concerned about it causing problems if he/she hires you.

  5. Men should be clean shaven or have beards and moustaches neatly trimmed.

  6. Be "scent"sitive. Good hygiene portrays a lot to the interviewer. It tells them that you feel good about yourself, that you will keep your work area clean, that you know hygiene is important to meet health regulations and it shows that you respect yourself and others.

    1. shower
    2. brush your teeth
    3. have a breath mint just prior to your interview
    4. do not smoke in your interview clothes
    5. wear deodorant
    6. tone down the perfume and cologne
    7. if you have long nails you might consider trimming them

    All of the above points are important to follow. If an interviewer has to spend at least half an hour interviewing you and they cannot tolerate your hygiene, they are not committed to spending any time with you. Remember the ball is in their court not yours.

  7. Arrive 10 minutes ahead of you scheduled interview time.

  8. Let the receptionist know who you are and that you are scheduled for an interview with Mr. / Ms._____________ .

  9. Remove your coat and have a seat in the lobby.

  10. Shake the employers hand when they come out to get you.

  11. Speak pleasantly to the interviewer on the way to the interview room. Do not sit down until the interviewer asks you to.