Interview Preparation

Research Company

Research confirms that job applicants who take the time to find out something about theemployer are more likely to get the job. It's very impressive to an employer that you'reinterested in their business and have thought about how you can contribute to its success.

Here are some questions to try and have answers to before sitting down with the interviewer.

Where can you find out about a business?

Do you know someone who works at the company? They can be a very valuable source of information. Receptionist and secretaries also can be very helpful in giving information and names of people who could tell you more about the company and its needs.

If the company is new or very small it may be hard to find information. In that case try to do an information interview.

Myth: Employers always know what they're looking for.

Reality: Most often they don't. What an opportunity to convince them you're what they need!