Illegal Questions

Except were there is genuine occupational requirement, it is discriminatory and contrary to The Human Rights Act for a person or an employer to refuse to employ or to dismiss a person, or to discriminate against a person with respect to any term or condition of employment because of the person's:

It is also contrary to The Human Rights Act for an employer to pay less to one sex for work that is similar or substantially similar to work performed by the other sex. If you are asked an illegal question it is important not only to know your rights but also to be able to respond to the question with dignity and assertiveness.

If it is an employer you want to work for, indicate a willingness to demonstrate your suitability for the job without compromising your rights.

Respond with a counter question (examples follow) OR

If the employer does not mention a topic but you feel it could be an unstated concern, you may want to tactfully bring the subject out into the open and put doubts to rest.

Examples of illegal questions and how to answer: