Asking Questions In An Interview

When the employers asks you if you have any questions, this indicates the interview is almost over and wants to find out what you are interested in knowing.

Sample questions to ask at an employment interview:

These questions should be asked, if not previously raised in the interview.

What about salary?

Don't bring up salary if at all possible but make sure you have done your industry research in case the interviewer brings it up. Usually salary is discussed after the employer has decided that they want to hire you. It is to your advantage to discuss salary when you get an offer. By avoiding salary discussion until an offer is made you minimize the risk of eliminating yourself from the running, and now that they have decided they want to hire, you have more room for negotiation.

Always go to an interview with an idea of the current salary range for that position in your area. Canadian salary ranges are available online at:

If you do not have Internet access, check with your local library, they can help you find the information you need. If the interview is coming to a close and the interviewer has not introduced the topic, ask for the salary range for the position as a point of information. Don't try to negotiate anything, even if the range is unacceptable to you. You can discuss salary if/when they offer you the job.