Types of Cover Letters

There are basically two types of cover letters:

  1. Letter of Application or Response to an Advertisement

  2. Letter of Inquiry or Prospecting Letter (Cold Cover Letter)

Letter of Application or Response to an Advertisement

Used when you are responding to a specific advertised opening. You want to show how your skills and qualifications fit the requirements of the position.

Responding to Ads

Before responding to an ad, it is important to recognize the company's needs and then address those points in your cover letter. Here is an example of how to do this for a position as a customer service clerk.

Job AdPoints To CoverSkills

Customer Service Clerk

ABC hardware Store is seeking a Customer Service Clerk. Successful candidate must possess the folowing qualifications: excellent customer relations skills, organization and communication skills, be a self-starter and work as a member of a team. Computer knowledge an asset.

Background in -

  1. Customer service experience?

  2. Communication/Organization abilities?

  3. Self-starter? (an example)

  4. Work in a team environment.

  5. Computer knowledge. (Do you have any?)

Pat Wannajob

  • 2 years past employment
  • Organized schools fundraiser
  • Basic business night school courses
  • Member of recreational volleyball team
  • In home computer - self taught

Here is an example of a sample letter that has been written in response to this advertisement. Notice how the person mentioned their customer service experience, gave examples of being a self-starter and a leader and reassured their excellent communication skills.