Basic Components to Writing Effective Cover Letters

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Dear Mr./Ms. ________ (preferably not Sir/Madam)

The introduction should serve to cath the reader's attention and state why this position is of interest to you. Let the reader know thtat you are familiar with the organization and its operations, but get right to the point. If appropriate, state how you heard about the job opportunity.

Explain why you are applying for this position or type of work. Point out any key experience or accomplishments (including volunteer or school related) that qualify you for the position. Keep your paragraphs short, but let your enthusiasm for the company show through.

Describe any other important work history. Indicate why you feel you would like to work for this company/organization and demonstrate that you have some knowledge about this company/organization (example their products, service or place in the community). State that a resume or application is enclosed for more information and offer to provide additional information, if needed.

The final paragraph should request an intervew and indicate to the reader a time frame as to when you will follow-up. One to two weeks is often best. Thank the reader for his/her time and consideration and/or confirm your interest in the organization.


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