Employment & Training Incentives

Employment Service Training Incentive

The Employment Service Training Incentive (ESTI) is a FREE service that assists employers with their hiring needs and offsets the initial training costs associated with a new employee. This placement incentive is funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities through the Provincial Government. It is accessible to individuals who are unemployed and out of school and fit the eligibility guidelines set out by the Ministry.

How does ESTI Benefit Your Company?
  1. Job Trials - Placements that last an average of two weeks are subsidized at $11.25 per hour. They are intended to allow our less experienced clients to "touch" the labour market and also allow employers the opportunity to determine the suitability of the match.
  2. On the Job Training - These placements cover the training period of employment and are subsidized depending on the training needs of the indiviudal hired. Positions to be subsidized may be full or part-time and either permanent or temporary (seasonal) in duration. This program also includes hiring of apprentices.

The Employment Service Training Incentive is available to employers representing all types of business. You and an Employment Consultant shall negotiate training length and subsidy level.

For more information, or to apply for ESTI, call or visit CES Employer Services.
Youth Job Connection

Employers interested in growing their business may find help through Ontario's Youth Job Connection Program. Under this program:

With the right opportunity and support from Youth Job Connection, young people can contribute to the success of your business.

Employer eligibility requirements to participate in the program: Other notes:

If youíve read about the program and you are interested in hiring, contact Employer Services at Community Employment Services.

To learn more about the Youth Job Connection program visit Employment Ontario's Youth Job Connection web page.